Jim & Anne King

Alberto & Doug just finished and are enroute back. They did a fantastic job; both were friendly, polite and professional. You can be proud of both of them as ambassadors of your company. The gentleman who completed the measurements was also everything you would want representing your company. He did a fantastic job in the measurements and stone layout. I also want to say those involved with cutting the stone did a fantastic job keeping all the veins lined up from slab to slab and up the backsplash. The final job is beyond our expectations.

Our neighbors (the Buchanan’s ) already are in line for an estimate (Alberto went over and took some measurements and talked to them). Also our neighbors across the cul de sec (the Peters) are 6 month residents and are interested in contacting you for kitchen granite countertops when they return in the early spring.

Overall a fantastic job by everyone from your company that touched this project.

Thanks to all,
Jim & Anne King